Gift of love that warms my soul

And fills my heart to overflowing

Dare to remember a better time
A smile so deeply etched
And joy imbued forever
Oh precious child I’ll hold you safe
And slay the scary dragons
This pride I feel and bliss so real
Is sometime overwhelming
A laugh and tussle or just a touch
Enlightens life’s true meaning
But alas, oh dreaded Azreal
You’ve come too soon for this enchanting child
My lack of skill too clear, I feel so useless here
But to hold you close and still your fears
Or ease the pain a little
The battle lost I writhe in agony
The pain so sharp and stinging deep
The flood of tears and crushing void
Of the hateful burden on me this day
Oh, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel
I’m frozen through to my very core
As if upon a Gorgon’s eye I gazed
Stave off this awful dirge
Till steeled against this angry chill
To drink this bitter cup
Oh Charon, you vile and wretched beast
You’ll have no fare to carry there
So sail this night alone
Across the river Styx
The hardest task that ever was
Is mine to take this day
To choose the clothes for you to wear
And the casket in which you lay
Your sisters wails of disbelief
Are hard enough to hear
But your mother’s heart in tortured grief
Is more than I can bear
This once strong heart and hands of iron
May fail beneath the strain
So on my knees, I fell and begged
For help to ease the pain
And lest I fall headlong today
Into the dark abyss
I gird myself with faith from God
And the love this child gave me
So now this awful task I take
With all my strength and love
I’ll see you off this Stygian sphere
And to a better place
Azreal be gentle now with this babe of purest gold
And let him drink from Lethe tonight and suffer never more
Let Michael take this blessed child
On gilded wings arise
And lay him in the loving place
We know as paradise
I saw on Michael’s wings this baby boy ascend
And now I know we’ll meet again
To play and love in paradise forever
Till then you sleep, my little champion
But this I have to tell
I love you now as I did then
I long to see your face
So till you see me once again
Just rest in peace my son and know
I Love You,