In youth the work hardened sinew
Of steel and hammered iron
To carry ties to hold the rails
And build a ribbon long and true

All things done were done by you
No matter what the task
Serious and cold but able
A life of labor till the years flew

Older now but still cool nettle
The force of life alive and charged
With strength beyond comprehension
But just a wee bit milder mettle

My teacher, coach, advisor, and more
I learned from you all that I know
Of manly things and honest virtues
Sometimes pounded into my core

Now it is me, the steel hard youth
The challenge expected is due
To prove myself the man you made
To live by work, and virtues, and truth

A distant respect and admiration
We feel but keep within ourselves
I see the failing strength of steel and resolve
From work you did with determination

The need now clear, you want me near
Years have earned your trust
Fear hidden well but all askew
I never knew I was considered dear

That final moment when life was lost
Emotions came out as if on cue
I said “I love you Dad.” He said “I love you son.”
Oh why did we wait so long and at what cost


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