Never thought much about green before today
But A friend and I parted sadly yesterday
He came along where I work about a month ago
And sat on my finger each day for an hour or so
His big eyes were bright intelligent and staid
He was as green as bright emerald or jade

He sat on my finger for hours while I worked
He ate the mosquitoes where they buzzed and lurked
For a month or more this communion went on
He would sit on my finger while I was alone
But yesterday he came as I was just quitting
His wings barely able just weakly flitting

His big black eyes were not as bright and clear
But he didn’t seem to be in any great fear
He stared in my eyes with his mandibles stressing
What he was trying to say would only be guessing
Then on my finger his favorite place
He laid down his head and died with such grace

The strangest communion between just us two
How this odd friendship formed and slowly grew
Stranger than fiction this thing between us
A man and a bug without frills without fuss
I wondered so often why he chose me to befriend
But whatever the reason I was glad to the end

I felt somewhat empty at work all day long
Who knows why things go so suddenly wrong
What I think of now whenever I see green
Will be my dragonfly friend and his bright emerald sheen


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