Max, Daisey, Mae, Homer and Jethro showed up at the worksite.  Actually there were several more but no pictures.  Homer and Jethro came up to the trailer one morning before work while we were playing Bluegrass music.  We would play Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle and harmonica while waiting for everyone to show up to work.  They seemed to like the music so we named them appropriately.

Big Red. Buggar Red, Sweetie, Wolf, Spike, Jenny, Sadie and BW girl would come to my room every evening for supper, and every morning for breakfast.  The hotel hated me but I refused to let them go hungry.  They all eventually felt comfortable enough to come in my room, even Wolf and Sweetie.  The females were very skiddish because the Navajo’s were quite mean to them.  I suppose due to pups.  Buggar Red and Big Red usually stayed overnight…:D   Everyone was terrified of Wolf and Big Red, but as you can see, they were gentle and loving boys.  Poor little Speck was eating rotten tomato’s at a gas station in Monument Valley, UT and a Navajo kicked him as he was getting into his truck.  He didn’t make it into his truck however.  I dragged him out by the hair and had a short but poignant chat with him before picking Speck up and taking him home.  Boomer was found running loose in Page, AZ when I went there to WalMart to shop for some jeans.  It was 107 and he was burning up.  I took him to the local PD and they told me the only shelter in Page was a kill shelter so I took him back to Kayenta.  I called my friend at Friends of the Shelter in Los Alamos, NM and she arranged to have him picked up from my room by the Friends of the Shelter in Albuquerque, NM.  They were there at 6:00am the next morning.  A sweet lady near Albuquerque adopted him immediately and still sends me pictures of him.  His new name is Moshe.

I hated leaving all these precious companions behind but there are no shelters on the Reservation and there are estimated 26,000 stray dogs in the Navajo Nation.  But they were well fed and given a lot of TLC while we were there.  Even the guys across the way would feed them scraps.  I spent more on dog food than I did on meals for me…:D  But I was never lonely one minute.


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